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Ignacio Estrada

Monthly News

Phew, it is getting hot outside! And it's only May?!

Please make sure to have your child bring a Hat, Water Bottle, and Sunscreen every time that they attend the daycare. 

These items can be left at the daycare so that they are always on hand. 

We do go outside every day, and we ensure that all children wear sunscreen and a hat when outdoors. 

*Please respect the Pandemic Policies that were set in place last year. Pick up and drop off will remain OUTSIDE; depending on where you park, we may see you, and come to the door right away. If you do not see anyone, then please feel free to knock on the door, shoot Izzy a text, or ring the daycare line (2506752755).

*Please DO NOT hold the door open for your kiddos. It takes a long time to heat the inside, so the less the door is open, the better. There is usually a teacher around to open the door for your kids, but in the off chance that one of us is not there, the kids are all able to open the door for themselves and move in or out smoothly and efficiently!

*Water Bottles*

Please make sure that your children bring their water bottle EVERY DAY that they attend the daycare. Too many times in the last few weeks have we given out cups, only for the kids to bring them outside and make a mess, break, or lose them. Due to this, we will NOT be giving out cups anymore.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, then please feel free to reach out to us; we are always ready to listen, and appreciate all feedback!

Make it a great day! Be kind to one another!

Auf Wiedersehen ~ the girls of SSCC

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you have FEET in your shoes,

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